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Choose the Perfect Daycare with This Ultimate Guide

Choose the Perfect Daycare with This Ultimate Guide

Choosing the right daycare for your littles can feel absolutely overwhelming! But that doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. At Littlebird Connected Care, our mission is to give parents peace of mind & keep your kiddos safe! This uniquely qualifies us to walk you through what to consider when choosing a daycare. 

1. Location. Start by searching for daycares close to home or work - this will keep commutes short, giving you more time together with the people you love most. But if you’re not able to find an option you love close by, don’t worry! With the Littlebird Care App and Child Location Tracker, you can always know your kiddo's whereabouts, making those short (or long) distances feel even shorter.

2. Look at reviews & ask around. Once you’ve narrowed down your options by location, look at reviews and ask your friends / coworkers if they have any experience with any of the facilities you’re looking at. From there, choose a few to investigate further. 

3. Consider finances. Get a quote and make sure the facilities you’re looking at are within your budget. Dig down to see what their payment policies are and if there are any hidden fees (like paying extra for a late pickup if you’re stuck in traffic!) 

4. Tour the daycare. Set up a time to tour your top locations! While there, check for cleanliness, organization, curriculum, and what protocols the daycare has in place for safety. When picking a daycare, safety should be one of your top concerns, so feel free to ask as many questions about this as you want! But if you’re looking for an added layer of peace of mind? The Littlebird Child Emergency Response feature sends alerts if there's an unexpected situation, because we get it—safety is non-negotiable.

5. Ask about staff qualifications & communication. Highly trained, kind,  and qualified staff can make all the difference in your child’s development and security at daycare. Make sure the staff is credentialed and ask about their willingness to accommodate any special needs your child has and communicate with you throughout the day. Thankfully, with Littlebird’s family care app this is easy! Caregivers can keep you up to date with chat, photo, location and mood updates so you never have to miss a moment while you’re away. 

6. Trust your gut & make your decision. You know what your child’s needs are better than anyone and you’re already equipped to choose the perfect daycare for your family! 

We hope this guide helps you feel a little bit better about the process of choosing the perfect daycare. But don’t worry, our help doesn’t end here. Learn more about how Littlebird Connected Care can be your extra set of eyes and ears at daycare (& beyond). With Littlebird, you're not alone. The village it takes to raise a child just got a tech-savvy upgrade and we’re here to make this transition easier for the whole family.

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