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Five Interesting activities to entertain kids while you work from home.

Five Interesting activities to entertain kids while you work from home.

Five Interesting activities to entertain kids while you work from home.

Keeping kids entertained and productive while working from home can be pretty challenging for parents.

One needs to have a good daily routine to balance a remote job and parental duties. It is not an easy task to focus on work and take care of a child at home concurrently. Having a toddler around while you answer emails or attend a virtual conference is no fun and games. Children naturally have a high energy level, and they always require our love and care.

Sticking religiously to routine and pre-planning every week can be very helpful in managing work more effectively. So set a schedule for you and your kids, and follow it strictly to increase productivity in your professional life.

Apart from routine and planning, activities like independent play can spare you in the middle of the day. Teach your child to play independently during the play period. Introduce them to fun activities and exciting games. You can get extra spells for work when your kids are lost and absorbed by play. To avoid any mess or hazard, prefer sitting in the same room so you can supervise them too.

Here are five best activities ideas to entertain your kids.

Sensory play

Toddlers and preschoolers love to have some sensory playtime. It stimulates the child's five senses and gives them the first learning experience. Create a sensory bin and put different textured items like stones, sand, leaves, handy toys, pasta, rice, etc. and let them explore it. Find more exciting ideas to arrange the sensory bin here.

Don't put small-sized items in the sensory bin to avoid choking hazards.

Painting and color mixing

Toddlers are naturally attracted to colors and love mixing them. They enjoy painting different surfaces. You can set up a coloring station (in-door or out-door) with some watercolors, a coloring doodle mat, some brushes, and a sponge. For mess-free coloring activities, crayons and chalk are also reasonable options.  

Playdough and slime

Playdough and slime are best for open-ended play. By using rollers and cutters, you can make it more engaging and exciting. It supports developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This activity encourages toddlers also learn how to be creative.

Block toys

Kids love traditional toys like blocks. Blocks keep babies engaged for extended period, and they also have so many learning benefits. Every kid has a set of excellent wooden blocks that keep him occupied. It helps them learn the concept of numbers, size, height, length, and weight. Try different blocks i.e. magnetic blocks, mega blocks, vehicle building blocks, or castle building blocks. Check this page to learn about the various stages of block play.

Online activity

On your hectic day at work, take advantage of technology. Our younger ones love to watch kids-related stuff on screens, i.e., poems, cartoons, learning videos, games, etc. Give your children a quality online experience by playing educational documentaries on Netflix, i.e., Gabby’s Dollhouse. Check here for more educational shows for kids on Netflix. Other engaging virtual activities are online yoga classes, playing educational games, watching wildlife live cam, and online dance classes. Children over two years old can enjoy one hour of screen time daily. But according to pediatricians, babies under two should be kept away from TV screens, mobile and tabs.