What is the battery life of Littlebird?

The battery is tested to last up to 48 hours with normal use. We recommend charging daily for continuous use. Many parents quickly charge the wearable during dinner or nap/quiet times.

Does Littlebird work internationally?

Littlebird is currently launched with cellular connection in the United States. International expansion is in our product pipeline. Join the waitlist to receive current product updates.

How does Littlebird's tracking and GPS work?

Littlebird uses patented safety and location-tracking features to help parents identify which caregiver is supervising their child and when hand-offs occur.  Littlebird utilizes the LTE-M cellular network to communicate GPS information. LTE-M is a new technology for low-power, long distances communications. LTE-M signal reaches about 30% farther than 3G/4G/5G/LTE networks.

Can other devices detect my child’s Littlebird device?

Littlebird is a closed-loop ecosystem. Littlebird takes your child’s security and privacy seriously. Only your approved caregivers can detect or connect to your child’s Littlebird device.

How does Littlebird protect my child’s data?

Littlebird takes the security and privacy of end-user data seriously. Littlebird is COPPA and HIPAA Compliant. You can find more details regarding data protection in Littlebird’s Privacy Policy.

Are Littlebird devices FDA-Approved?

Littlebird is a decision support device not a medical device. Littlebird falls under the FDA compliance policy for low-risk products that promote a healthy lifestyle (General Wellness guidance).

Is Littlebird for anxious parents?

Littlebird is the anti-anxious parent device. It is intuitively designed to help foster independence and autonomy in your child, and help you worry less!

Can my child take Littlebird off?

We offer an option for a patented band with a double-release clasp features an innovative design for safety and security and to deter child removal. Our studies show that most children find the band comfortable both for play and for sleep.

Is Littlebird BPA-free?

Yes, the Littlebird device has a BPA-free exterior. Our BPA-free silicone band has met safety standards for skin tolerance and sensitivity.

Do I need a Littlebird smart device to use the app?

Yes, the application works exclusively with the Littlebird device to easily and securely monitor your child’s health + care.

Does the wearable need a phone to work?

The Littlebird device connects independently of a smart phone and does not require you to be in proximity to connect. However, your child’s Littlebird device pairs with your phone’s Littlebird parent app to see your child’s location and health insights.

What information does Littlebird provide from my child?

Your Littlebird device provides information on your child’s:

  • Location
  • Physical activity
  • Heart rate
  • Sleep
  • Overall well-being
  • And more

We are constantly working on launching new features based on our customer’s needs. Have an idea? Email us.

Does Littlebird facilitate 2-way communication?

We intentionally designed Littlebird to seamlessly blend into your child’s day and not distract them from being fully present in their childhood. To that end, Littlebird is screen-free and does not facilitate 2-way communication.

Can Littlebird pair with two phones?

Littlebird’s patented handoff technology allows it to pair with any caregiver's phone that has been added to your trusted Care Circle.

Does it work with my iPhone?

The Littlebird App is currently available on iOS and is coming to the Google Play Store for Android devices in the future.

Is WiFI required?

No, a WiFi connection is not required. Littlebird LTE is a cellular-enabled device and is paired directly with parents and caregiver's smart phone.

How much does it cost?

For a limited time, Littlebird LTE is FREE with your membership for early bird pre-orders. Reserve now

Is Littlebird waterproof?

Your Littlebird LTE device is waterproof up to 3 feet / 1 meter.

Is Littlebird just a GPS tracker?

Littlebird is so much more than just a kid tracker. Location tracking is just one feature of our connected care ecosystem.

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