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Simplify safety.

Intelligent location tracking.

Aria arrived at school 🚌
at 8:23 am
2h ago

Littlebird LTE is the world’s smallest and lightest  connected GPS device.

Build lifelong habits.

Healthy movement routines
start in childhood.

Activity Goal Achieved 🏆
Liam was active for 1h 23m today

Sleep hygiene, activity, eating habits, and relationship to self are all established in childhood.

Get great sleep.

When kids sleep well,
the whole family sleeps well.

New optimal sleep window
Laura's new bedtime is 7:40 pm

78% of U.S. kids have poor sleep quality.1 Littlebird identifies your child’s optimal sleep window. More sleep equals better focus  and better health.2

Let them be kids.

Waterproof. Playproof.
No distractions.

On average, children 8-10 spend 6 hours a day in front of screens for entertainment. That’s over 91 full days in a year.3

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Switch it up.

Swap bands and covers
for (almost) infinite styles.

Littlebird is designed to fit small wrists comfortably–day and night.

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1. Insufficient sleep statistic: source
2. Sleep and health: source
3. Excessive screen time statistic: source

peace of mind.

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