Heart Rate

Know what matters, when it matters with our award-winning wearable ecosystem built for health + care.

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Sofia may need support
Elevated heart rate

GPS Location

Let them explore with the lightweight, water-proof, GPS-enabled Littlebird LTE with 2-day battery life.

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Max is with Sarah
Tap to see location
20m ago

Activity Tracking

Access core AI-driven health + care insights tailored to your child's individual needs and development.

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Sofia is on the move 💨
5,438 steps today · At school
5m ago

Sleep Quality

Track sleep patterns and wake windows to unlock sleep quality metrics and smarter rest for the whole family.

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Avery is sleeping 😴
Resting heart rate
5m ago


Is Littlebird just a GPS tracker?

Littlebird is so much more than just a kid tracker. Location tracking is just one feature of our connected care ecosystem.

How much does it cost?

For a limited time, Littlebird LTE is FREE with your membership for early bird pre-orders. Reserve now

Is WiFI required?

No, a WiFi connection is not required. Littlebird LTE is a cellular-enabled device and is paired directly with parents and caregiver's smart phone.

Can Littlebird pair with two phones?

Littlebird’s patented handoff technology allows it to pair with any caregiver's phone that has been added to your trusted Care Circle.


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