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Littlebird LTE
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When will my membership begin?

Your membership will begin upon final confirmation and shipment of your Littlebird LTE device(s).

How does my lifetime warranty work?

Your Littlebird LTE device comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring our team will assist with any issues and replace your device if necessary.

This warranty applies as long as you purchase directly through Littlebird and maintain an active membership with a valid payment method on file.

Is my membership deposit refundable?

Yes! You can cancel your pre-order any time prior to final confirmtion. We will refund your deposit within 3 business days.

Can I cancel membership anytime?

Monthly memberships are a 12-month commitment. Annual and 24-month memberships are paid upfront. You can cancel anytime and your membership will continue for the remainder of the term.

We do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you decide that Littlebird is not right for your family within 30 days of purchase, you can cancel your membership and return your device for a full refund.

Littlebird App

Your parenting sidekick.

Track It All

Track their location, activity, sleep,
heart rate, and more on-demand.

Foster Autonomy

Get notified if your child goes out of
range of you or an assigned caregiver.

Build Community

Add family or caregivers to your Care Circle for seamless handoff and communication.

Early Bird Offer

Free Littlebird 2.0

Free with membership

What is my Care Circle?

Your Care Circle is your IRL community’s home on Littlebird. You can invite any member of your family, friends, or trusted caregivers to join your Care Circle.

Can Littlebird pair with two phones?

Yes, Littlebird’s patented handoff technology allows you to pair your device with any caregiver's phone that has been added to your trusted Care Circle. As the primary account owner, you always have full control of their access and permissions.

Does the app work on iPhone?

Yes, the Littlebird app is currently available on iOS and is coming to the Google Play Store for Android devices in the future.

Designed for Kids

The world’s smallest health + location tracker.

Early Bird Offer

Free Littlebird 2.0

Free with membership

Will I be notified if my child goes outside of proximity?

Yes, digital tether is a core feature of Littlebird. If your child leaves proximity, you can receive a notification on your phone.

Is Littlebird 2.0 waterproof?

Littlebird is waterproof up to 3 feet / 1 meter.

Does Littlebird need a phone to work?

Your Littlebird 2.0 device has it's own cellular connection (included in your membership) and is designed to connect independently of your phone when you're apart. The device pairs to your phone’s Littlebird parent app to see your child’s location and health insights.

Can my child remove the device?

We offer an option for a patented band with a double-release clasp features an innovative design for safety and security and to deter child removal. Our studies show that most children find the band comfortable both for play and for sleep.

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