Parents Are Living in an Extraordinary Era of Worry When It Comes to Their Kid’s Safety

Parents spend a staggering 37 hours a week worrying about their kids. We think it's about time that changed.
Amelia Protiva
3 min read

Today, new and seasoned parents alike are facing a complex landscape of new and old safety concerns for our children, marked by challenges that extend far beyond the playground scuffles and scraped knees of bygone days.

The New York Post reported a study showing that parents spend an astounding 37 hours weekly worrying about our children's safety, which adds up to a staggering 80 full days in a year.

Among the top worries is the physical safety of our children at school, with growing threats of gun violence, bullying, and mental health struggles. Disturbingly, nearly 90% of us fear for our child's safety when we're physically separated, underscoring an era where the previously nurturing and safe school environment now feels increasingly unpredictable.

The emotional well-being of our children also occupies a significant portion of our concern. Questions about whether our children are happy or grappling with social pressures reveal deep-seated anxieties about their capacity to navigate modern childhood challenges.

Academic and social success are another domain of our parental worry. We agonize over grades and friendships, pondering if they can keep pace with peers and forge meaningful connections, pivotal for healthy development and self-esteem.

The role of educators and caregivers is under scrutiny, too. We want our children to feel supported and treated kindly by the adults in their life, reflecting our fears about the quality and nature of critical adult-child interactions outside the home.

Simultaneously, physical and emotional health concerns sit in the back of our minds, while we hope to shield our children from harm and emotional distress in an societal environment we see littered with psychological landmines.

The digital world introduces a whole new dimension of worry, with a recent study by Pew Research showing that 59% of our teens have experienced cyberbullying or harassment online. This statistic highlights the evolving nature of threats, extending our parental disquiet into the virtual spaces our children inhabit—which can be significantly more challenging to monitor for safety.

Sleep loss is a tangible consequence of our worries, with research from Safety 1st showing that as parents we have lost up to 45 hours of sleep over six months due to these concerns. This sleep deficit alone underscores the physical toll of our parental anxiety.

The modern parenting landscape has evolved into a complex collision of worries and pressures, exacerbated by a lack of community support and the rise of individualism in our family lives. Over half of parents acknowledge that the journey of parenthood is more challenging than anticipated. Add that to the fact that nearly half of parents have experienced feelings of judgment from our peers, compounding the sense of isolation and contributing to heightened levels of anxiety.

In an effort to curb this endemic worry among US parents, Littlebird emerges to support.

Littlebird is a decision support wearable and platform designed to empower parents with knowledge and confidence in our children’s health and well-being. By seamlessly integrating technology and caregiving, Littlebird provides insights into your child's health and care. With the ability to track your child's location and well-being on-demand, you can breathe easier, knowing where your children are with a single tap.

Here at Littlebird, we believe sleepless nights and overwhelmed days fueled by worry will soon be a mere memory as we harness the power of knowing. Not through more hours of monitoring and hovering, but by empowering understanding and building an intentional connection with your child’s world while fostering community in entirely new and meaningful ways.

Join us in our mission. Worry less. Parent on!

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