The Smart Mom’s Guide to Household Outsourcing

Household outsourcing is no longer a luxury, and enlisting external help for domestic chores is a strategic move toward a balanced, happier life for many families.
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In today's balancing act of parenting, career growth, and personal fulfillment, as moms we often find ourselves at the center of a relentless juggle. Household tasks like cleaning, cooking, and laundry can pile up, consuming our precious evening hours and weekends that could otherwise be spent enjoying rest and quality time with our families. This is where the magic of household outsourcing comes into play. Household outsourcing is no longer a luxury, and enlisting external help for domestic chores is a strategic move toward a balanced, happier life for many families.

The Benefits of Household Outsourcing

Reduced Burnout

In a 2023 survey by Motherly on the state of motherhood, nearly half (49%) of mothers reported feeling burnt out by motherhood. And 62% of moms are getting less than 1 hour of time for themselves every day. Adding the relentless cycle of household tasks on top of being a caregiver often leads to burnout, a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion. By outsourcing some of your household chores, you can take a significant load off of your shoulders, leading to improved personal well-being.

Increased Quality Time

Imagine reclaiming hours each week that were once devoted to scrubbing floors or folding laundry. This time can be redirected toward activities that enrich your family life, give you space to pursue a hobby, or simply be.

Higher Productivity

With fewer domestic distractions and the associate mental load of juggling a never ending to-do list, focusing on work or personal projects becomes markedly easier. As an added bonus, your heightened productivity can lead to professional achievements, personal growth, and a profound sense of accomplishment.

Enjoyment of Your Home

Hiring professional services to assist you can also not only maintain but enhance your home environment, making it a more inviting and relaxing space. The joy and relief of coming home to a clean, orderly space cannot be overstated. In fact, research has shown that a tidy home is correlated to reduced cortisol levels.

Tasks You Could Consider Outsourcing


Regular or as-needed cleaning services can transform your living space and save countless hours. Even once-a-week or every other week can make a world of difference.

Meal Prep and Delivery

Meal prep and delivery services can bring your family healthy, varied meals that can accommodate any family size or dietary preference, cutting down on hours of both shopping and cooking time.

Laundry Washing and Folding

Weekly pick-up and delivery services can tackle this never-ending chore, ensuring you always have fresh, clean clothes without the burden on your part.

Home Maintenance and Yard Work

Having a regular go-to hand man for landscaping, pool care, or small repairs can keep your home in tip top shape. Skip the trips to home depot and DIY blogs and let an expert take on the maintainance.

Grocery and Errand Services

Online grocery shopping and errand services alone can save you 1-2 hours per week, which adds up to 2-3 days over the course of a year! There are an abundance of grocery delivery services, making this one of the most affordable things to outsource in your home.

How to Start Outsourcing Without Breaking the Bank

One of the primary concerns families have with outsourcing tasks is the correlated costs. Here are a few ways to outsource without breaking the bank:

Prioritize Your Outsourcing Needs

Assess which tasks you least enjoy or that consume most of your time. Start by outsourcing these to gain immediate relief.

Research and Compare Options

Look for the best combination of reliability, quality, and cost. Sometimes local, independent providers offer better rates than larger companies.

Leverage Community Resources

Consider swapping services with neighbors or hiring local students at a lower cost for tasks like yard maintenance, grocery shopping, or errands.

Embrace Technology

Use apps and websites to compare services and prices. Many platforms offer discounts for first-time users or when you book multiple services.

Schedule Smartly

Booking during off-peak times or subscribing to regularly scheduled service packages can bring even larger savings. Many providers offer discounts for consistent business.

Embrace the Joy of Living, Not Just Managing

In the end, outsourcing your household’s chores isn't just about ticking off tasks; it's about opening up space in your life for what truly enriches you. It's a reminder that your worth isn't measured by the cleanliness of your floors or the organization of your closets, but by the joy that fills our homes and the memories you create with those most precious to you.

Let this be a gentle nudge to prioritize yourself and your family's joy over perfection. By choosing to delegate, even just one task that feels overwhelming, you're taking a step toward a more balanced life.

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