Are Littlebird devices FDA-Approved?

Littlebird is a decision support device not a medical device. Littlebird falls under the FDA compliance policy for low-risk products that promote a healthy lifestyle (General Wellness guidance).

Does the wearable need a phone to work?

The Littlebird device connects independently of a smart phone and does not require you to be in proximity to connect. However, your child’s Littlebird device pairs with your phone’s Littlebird parent app to see your child’s location and health insights.

How does Littlebird protect my child’s data?

Littlebird takes the security and privacy of end-user data seriously. Littlebird is COPPA and HIPAA Compliant. You can find more details regarding data protection in Littlebird’s Privacy Policy.

Is Littlebird just a GPS tracker?

Littlebird is so much more than just a kid tracker. Location tracking is just one feature of our connected care ecosystem.


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