Can other devices detect my child’s Littlebird device?

Littlebird is a closed-loop ecosystem. Littlebird takes your child’s security and privacy seriously. Only your approved caregivers can detect or connect to your child’s Littlebird device.

Does it work with my iPhone?

The Littlebird App is currently available on iOS and is coming to the Google Play Store for Android devices in the future.

Does the wearable need a phone to work?

The Littlebird device connects independently of a smart phone and does not require you to be in proximity to connect. However, your child’s Littlebird device pairs with your phone’s Littlebird parent app to see your child’s location and health insights.

Is Littlebird BPA-free?

Yes, the Littlebird device has a BPA-free exterior. Our BPA-free silicone band has met safety standards for skin tolerance and sensitivity.


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