Does Littlebird work internationally?

Littlebird is currently launched with cellular connection in the United States. International expansion is in our product pipeline. Join the waitlist to receive current product updates.

Can my child take Littlebird off?

We offer an option for a patented band with a double-release clasp features an innovative design for safety and security and to deter child removal. Our studies show that most children find the band comfortable both for play and for sleep.

Are Littlebird devices FDA-Approved?

Littlebird is a decision support device not a medical device. Littlebird falls under the FDA compliance policy for low-risk products that promote a healthy lifestyle (General Wellness guidance).

What is the battery life of Littlebird?

The battery is tested to last up to 48 hours with normal use. We recommend charging daily for continuous use. Many parents quickly charge the wearable during dinner or nap/quiet times.


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