How does Littlebird protect my child’s data?

Littlebird takes the security and privacy of end-user data seriously. Littlebird is COPPA and HIPAA Compliant. You can find more details regarding data protection in Littlebird’s Privacy Policy.

Can my child take Littlebird off?

We offer an option for a patented band with a double-release clasp features an innovative design for safety and security and to deter child removal. Our studies show that most children find the band comfortable both for play and for sleep.

Can other devices detect my child’s Littlebird device?

Littlebird is a closed-loop ecosystem. Littlebird takes your child’s security and privacy seriously. Only your approved caregivers can detect or connect to your child’s Littlebird device.

Is Littlebird BPA-free?

Yes, the Littlebird device has a BPA-free exterior. Our BPA-free silicone band has met safety standards for skin tolerance and sensitivity.


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