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General FAQ

What is Littlebird?

Littlebird Connected Care, Inc. is the parent company for the Littlebird product, a wearable device that pairs our unique Connected Care platform. Once paired and put on your child's wrist, the patent-pending device captures holistic wellness and GPS information. That quantitative data is synthesized to provide clear insights into your child's whereabouts and general health, accessible via the Littlebird App.

What is Connected Care?

How is Littlebird different than its competitors?

How does the Littlebird tracking and GPS work? 

Does Littlebird guarantee the safety of my child?

Are Littlebird devices FDA approved?

Wearable FAQ

What is the Littlebird Toddler CareTracker?

Can my child take the Toddler CareTracker off?

What type of information does the wearable provide? 

Is the wearable BPA free?

Can I communicate with my child via the wearable?

Is WiFi required?

Littlebird App FAQ

How does the Littlebird’s app work?

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