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Safety Nest

"WOW! I need this! We need this for all of our kids, knowing that they are ok and where they are while we are away always my biggest worry. HOW DID THIS NOT EXIST?!"

"This honestly simplifies things for me! I communicate with the mom on so many different Apps and want to give her updates without bothering her at work."

"As a children’s Occupational Therapist, this is great! The ability to get an insight to activity and routine would help me work with parents. Any additional information they show or share with me can help improve outcomes."

"I love the idea of transparency with parents, I know it is hard for them being away, and being able to support the mom and show her I am doing a good job with her kids is rewarding."

"I can finally let go of some of the mom guilt knowing that “someone” is keeping track of my child as I would."